PEMF - Blood & Circulation

Blood Sample - Before and After using IMRS
Improve blood circulation with PEMF treatment

PEMF therapy has been successfully used by people across the country to improve circulation of blood in their bodies. But what makes it so popular? How does it work? – It will be easier to understand this process if we use an analogy and compare the circulatory system to a battery. At a certain point, a battery dies and needs recharging. Otherwise, it won’t let cameras, toys, and other things run efficiently. Something similar happens to our body when our blood circulation is poor. Slow blood flow makes us feel bad, and it prevents our body parts from normal functioning. In other words, if we don’t “recharge” our body with some circulation aids, it won’t function properly.

PEMF therapy uses the pulsed electromagnetic field to help you treat poor circulation in legs, arms, feet, fingers, and hands. It makes your body pulse more often making the blood circulate better. If you have leg cramps, feet pain or swelling, you can greatly benefit from PEMF therapy. It mechanically stimulates blood flow and makes blood vessels pump oxygen and blood into the body cells. It also stimulates the lymphatic vessels, and the waste products accumulated in your cells get hauled away more efficiently. Therefore, PEMF therapy supports your immune system by stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Your cells will be able to function much better, and tissues will repair themselves more efficiently.

It is true that you can combat rest pain and leg cramps by doing stretches and other physical exercises on a regular basis. However, it’s hard to make your body pulse properly. This is where PEMF can help you.