Rental Info

Rent -To -Try Program
Rent an iMRS Professional System for two weeks at $150 per week or a total of $300 for two weeks. A security deposit ($500) will be required for contingent recoveries and/or any damage. At $50 per treatment, this is an incredible saving, especially if you take into account that you can treat the whole family or as many people as you like during this time period. 

If you would like to purchase an iMRS system after trying it, then return the rental IMRS system and your deposit will be fully reimbursed. A completely new system will then be shipped to you after confirmation and payment of your order.


The iMRS Professional System comes with a full body mat, a pillow pad applicator and a probe for local applications. The three applicators will offer you the full line of PEMF applications available in your own home. If you do not want to purchase a system, send it back to us (you pay for the shipping) after the trial period, and you will get your full security deposit back.


SETUP + TRAINING ON RENTAL UNITS: Despite the simple interface of the iMRS, competent training on the unit is crucial to getting good results!  The setup and training are done by both email and phone. Proper training leads to superior and quicker results!

The iMRS Professional System includes all three PEMF applicators: the full body mat, the pillow applicator and the probe with a control unit… everything you need to treat any part of the body using the most comprehensive PEMF system on the market.
Please contact me to be emailed the Rental Agreement