Using Your Product

Here is some tips for once you have bought the iMRS.

Lie on

the mat on flat surface such as the carpet or massage bed etc


Do not use on soft surface such as a bed or couch

as you don’t want the copper coils inside the mat bending.


When laying on mat place your head up the end where the cord is.


Keep hydrated. Drink water before and after treatment.


You can use mat with clothes on.  Take off all metal items, such as watches belts and car keys.

Have a blanket handy to place on top of you to keep warm while you lay on the mat if the weather is cold.


Doing other parts of body.

After laying on the mat for 8 to 10 minutes, get off the mat…….


You can sit on a chair or lounge to use the pillow or probe.

All you need is the control box, pillow or probe.

Select pillow or probe in the control box, then start. It will then say application running.


Always after using with the mat, pillow or probe pull the cord out of the wall power socket. 


Use the surge protector.


In the morning lay on the mat for 8 minutes on intensity 25.

In the afternoon/evening use the mat for 8 minutes on intensity 10

As your body adapts to the PEMF in a couple of weeks you can increase intensity.

Or talk to me to discuss.


When finished with mat, store in safe place away from kids jumping on the mat or touching the control box.


When finished turn off at power socket and pull plug from wall.

Then pull power cord out of the wall socket to minimize the risk of a power surge.

Don’t operate in storm.

Buy a surge protector.

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